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Hey there, I'm Josh. Hailing from Maryland, currently attending college in Staten Island. Let's meet at a show sometime.

Upcoming concerts: November 26, 2011: They Might Be Giants at 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.


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I just noticed that you changed What's New to a cover by Bob Haggart just mentioning added cover as a source. To proof you're correct it's not allowed to mention what you just did as a source. Everybody can see this. I've found that it's co-composed by Bob Haggart but to be considered a cover on this website Bob Haggart needs to have released his own version and I can't find any proof of this. Maybe you can and mention this as the source. Otherwise you need to revert all these edits.

Everybody can change or edit the artist, venue or date with valid source for https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/sun-ra-arkestra/1997/lorangerie-du-botanique-sint-joost-ten-noode-saint-josse-ten-noode-belgium-4bea57a2.html
It's not because a moderator uploaded or changed it that he can't be wrong. So next time feel free to change it instead of writing a comment, which might not be seen.

Please use exact venue or location for Creamfields Festival in Lisbon following the guidelines at https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#festivalsHl

Please use exact location or venue for Jazz Pulsation festival you created following the guidelines at

Don't change the venue with exact location to a festival name.

Hi Josh. Thanks for providing the Grandmothers Setlist (Saarbruecken 1994.03.15). What was your source - is there a tape existing?

Hey there, thanks for adding all of the bands for GWAR-B-Q up here. Just wanted to note there were a few changes to the show due to cancellations that you might want to change: Revocation cancelled (replaced by The Glorious Gone) as well as Goatwhore (replaced by Venomous Maximus).

Please leave a medley as a medley as stated in our guidelines.

We are working on having each song in a medley counted seperately automatically when seperated by a slash. Until then please stick to the guidelines. Thx.

Seems you missed 90% of the show, buddy!