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Hey, I just checked the entry for Red Fiction's performance at ProgDay recently, and you mentioned recording the show. Is the recording available anywhere? I'd love to have a look at it, perhaps I could help with the setlist.

Thanks for noticing.
The uploader didn't mention any sources so it's very difficult to verify what Flat Earth Society performed the other USA and Canada concerts.

Good call, thanks for the 4-1-1!

Hey, I see you were at the Sparks concert on 10/10/2017. I was there, really enjoyed it, great atmosphere!

Did you catch what Russell said about the welcome in NY - he seemed to compare it to some other show where things didn't go so well, but I couldn't hear all of it.

Hello, I see you were at one of the System Of A Down concerts - did you have any material from there? For example, Audio, Video, Photo, Tickets.
If so, drop me a line at stepwicesoad@gmail.com or here


Hey, I see you added a setlist for Chromelodeon's Jan 18 2006 show at the Owl Cove. I run chromelodeonarchive.com - any chance you have any photos, video, or audio of that (or any of their other sets?)

Hey, I saw that you went to a lot of System of a Down concerts between 1998~2005, that's awesome! Do you still have any stuff of them from these times? Like photos, videos, tickets/flyers, etc. If yes, reply me via e-mail please: soad.jpg@gmail.com


Hi. I think you added your setlist to the wrong band on the 26:th of april. There are more then one "Tungsten" and you chose the wrong one. Hope that you can fix it.

Hello) do you remember ANGER ON ANGER band from NJ? they used to perform at Birch Hill a lot in 96-97. trying to find their tracks

You could always ask them here. Not sure if I can answer your question(s), but I will if I can...

Hey, where could I ask you a few question about a show you attended to?

Hi there, I don't really have much recollection on any of those shows. All I have are the ticket stubs. Sorry.

Make that any Rammstein show that you attended.

Hey, do you remember anything from the Rammstein show in 1998? September 26, First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. Or any other Rammstein shows you attended in the late 90's, videos, photos, audio, info, anything at all?

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