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Music fan from Durham. Most people would call me a heavy metal fan but I also like a lot of 70s blues and rock that isn't necessarily metal - and a lot of classical music. Fave bands are Black Sabbath then Wishbone Ash, Jethro Tull, Groundhogs, Purple, Heep, Rainbow, Rush through Metallica and Megadeth to Mastodon and Moonspell.


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great Martin Turner's Wishnone Ash, unfortunately the Germany Tour is cancelled :(
I serach a Audio of this

The Piston setlists were assigned to a duplicate of the US group Pist.On. I've corrected these now to the correct MBID: af644750-6fc6-44fb-b771-8bf618c7dba2.

Did Richard Thompson play solo or with a band?
What other instrumentation?

I've just found this newspaper article with more of those tour dates - I'll add them to our database with the same caveat.

I'm so sorry, I thought I got back to you already with how to edit the artist of a setlist. Next time, you can click the "Edit setlist" link and follow the "Edit venue & date option", which also allows you to edit the artist.

Unfortunately, musicbrainz rejected my edit on the Fourplay album:

They deem it a release by "'The Sensational Alex Harvey Band' performing as 'SAHB (without Alex)'".

Our protocol is to follow the musicbrainz database, and unfortunately doesn't offer a feature of "[artist 1] performing as [artist 2]".

What we can do is add an Info tag to each setlist explaining this. I've done this for the 6x Jan-Feb 1977 gigs that we have - here's yours for reference:

Thanks for the SABH comment.

I edited the setlist as the "SABH (without Alex)" artist was redirected on musicbrainz to "The Sensational Alex Harvey Band", as we take our artist details directly from mb.

I see that you've created "S.A.H.B. (without Alex)" on musicbrainz:

I've added some aliases there to make it easier to find. In a couple of days those changes will be reflected on the artist:

I've also edited the Fourplay release to be attributed to the other artist:

You should be able to edit the 6x 1977 gigs to "S.A.H.B. (without Alex)" yourself. If the musicbrainz team come back and reject my album edit and merge the two artists on their site, we can revisit our solution.

Hope that all makes sense! Let me know.

For please use the @Info[] tag because otherwise the songs end up as completely seperate songs in the statistics.

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