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hi, trying to define exact locations for Dallas Alley / West End shows
was this show at outside courtyard btw Dallas Alley bldg and West End Marketplace bldg or at a club inside Dallas Alley bldg or on surrounded streets in West End Historic District as during Taste of Dallas or specialty shows, if u recall exact streets or bldg next to stage, please detail, thanks

And if you think that I am overthinking this you are probably right. What's important is to get the songs, dates and venues right. With early Dylan shows this is hard to do. The site is pretty worthless for any shows before 1966. And the excellent Bjorner site is accurate but very conservative in what it posts. Right now I consider this site the gold standard for 1959-1966. There are only a few shows left that need to be deleted and I have found dates for shows that aren't listed anywhere else. Some aren't absolutely positive but since I source my opinions I figure an administrator could always delete them. I don't think we will find much more about this concert. None of the blogposts by attendees fill me with confidence about their accuracy so with the link you provided and your added information this setlist is probably as good as it ever will get unlrss a tape of the show surfaces.

I think that I would list all their names in the note at the end of the setlist but not give their instruments. You could just leave "The Band" in your note and if an administrator wants to change it they can.
I am going to dig into the other reviews and reports and see if I can figure out the proper place to insert the @Unknowns. This might take a little time especially as they did not have quite as stable of a setlist at this time as they would later in the tour.
I am going to put The Band into lower case within the setlist. It just seems easier and more accurate to me. And that keeps us from having to figure out what to do when Mickey Jones took over on percussion. I also like the idea of using the same kind of description that was being used by Bob and the critics back in 1965.
Thanks for getting back to me.


Hey Ben.
Thanks for all the info on the Band and the show in Austin on 9/24/65.
Should I just put each individual member and note they were The Hawks at the time and would later go on to become The Band? How many of the @unknown's were in the acoustic part of the show also? I've been trying research what songs they played and that Corcoran article is the best i could find.

I see that you changed some stuff on the setlist for the Bob Dylan show in Austin in 1965. I definitely do not think that they should be called "The Band" with caps and not "the band" in lower case. They did not call themselves that until they years later when they officially formed. Dylan used to introduce them by saying something like "Ladies and gentlemen...the band". Reviews would say things like "Well, the band was too loud" or "I wish he had left the band at home" or some other disparaging nonsense. Later in the tour after Levon Helm left and Mickey Jones replaced him he still used the same introduction. I think it is good to note this was the first time that the entire band then known as The Hawks played with him as a unit but they were not really "The Band".
I also don't know why you deleted the @Unknown tag from the acoustic set. He played seven or eight songs according to other reports.
Thanks for posting the Corcoran link. I had never seen it before Let me know what you think about this when you get a chance,

haha word for sure man. sorry for being another idiot on the internet. i'm certain it wasn't played first which is probably what threw me off.

@Eneffs that's the thing, I'm not sure where they played it in the set, but it's so rad they played something off the new album 4 years ago.

haha damn bahd you got me for sure, but are you certain they started with it? could have sworn they started the show with loud pipes

@Eneffs haha nah dude you're wrong. Look on YouTube if you don't believe me. They played it when I saw them at Lolla in 2011 as well.

why would you add a song that just came out this year to a ratatat setlist from 2011? you're wrong

@Burtron5000 I did not! There's some videos on youtube and instagram clips that should help you though.

Just curious if you caught Thee Oh Sees set at Levitation...I can't find a setlist anywhere & they were insane!