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Playback performances are not allowed. All those performances you uploaded by Whitney Houston will be deleted.
As for Mike aan Zee listing this in Antwerp is also a mistake. The title means Mike at the Seaside. Antwerp is a harbour but is not at the sea.
So again before uploading setlists and giving us extra work, make your homework.

When creating festivals like Budweiser Superfest you need to check if in the same city another edition didn't take place before and choose this one instead of creating a new one. For the edition in Memphis you created two different editions on the same date!
St Louis, Detroit, Miami and Cleveland had editions in 2008 or later which already existed.

We will give you a small chance to start putting sources. You still continue like you didn't receive a message yesterday.

Do not change a setlist with another date and venue.
You need to create a new setlist WITH a source for a valid reason.
If you continue like you did the artist will remain with the same number of setlists.

What is your reason for requesting this setlist that you created be deleted? You gave no reason why it should be.

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