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Hi! Yes, I would do what you are suggesting and split the medleys that Jovanotti is playing live into their own line while keeping those that are on tape on a separate line.
BTW, I love Jovanotti. I used to listen to him a lot when I was learning Italian in college. I had the honor of seeing him play in Austin a couple of times a few years ago.

Hi! Please feel free to remove Wyclef Jean from any setlist in which he did not play with Shakira. I spent over an hour this morning cleaning up various other problems with her setlists.

Sto cercando registrazioni live di Ligabue
Spero di avere tue notizie

Hi there, I'm collecting live audio recording by The Police and am looking for their Hollywood 2008 2nd night recording. Did you or friends of yours record this show ? If you did or can help me, please email me at : maisquefaitlapolice@yahoo.fr
It would be much appreciated. Stuff to trade. Thanks a lot. Cheers. Dr

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