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H. I was looking for any source information on this setlist.You originally entered Jon Bon Jovi, Jan 15 2019.
The press articles and YouTube video I found all have this event on Jan 15 2009, and Jon & Richie Sambora performng. I can't find any sources for a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in 2019 (she & Bill did a book tour but no fundraising).

I just saw that you marked yourself as attending. Did you attend this fundraiser in 2019? Are there any online sources? Or was 2019 chosen in errror instead of 2009?

hi - sorry to bother you! i was wondering if you took any video or audio from the mariah carey 2003 concert at toronto (not red rocks, sorry, mixed up dates) you went to, or if you know anyone who did? if not no problem - i was just wondering

Curious whether Madonna's band played an instrumental opening set on any nights you attended. Thanks!

Did Lenny have an opening act and about what time did he take the stage? I have front row in Sugarland Tx in a few weeks and want to arrive right before Lenny comes on. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

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