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You corrected Feels Like Rain stating it was played as a whole song, but you also leave it in the medley. Were the other songs played completely?
You still haven't responded on my previous question.

If you put -> after a song in the setlist at does this mean it's performed as a medley or one song segues after another?
If it's a medley they should be listed following

Hello Marc,

thank you for your answer. I'm getting your point and of course I understand the problem around this cover tag. It feels wrong, yes, we have other similar cases here as well (eg Springsteen's "Because the Night" or Cohen's "Bird on the Wire", about 200 are on my list).

Now, this is a growing site with many improvements still to come. I'm sure, if we talk again in three years, "Soulshine" is not a problem at all anymore.

The idea is to get these problematic cover tags solved in a way where the artist with the first release can also be included and maybe the writer of the song for example. The problem is, that's pretty much work for rebuilding the forum structure and that is why it is not the first thing to go online.

Anyway the song "Soulshine" is among the first ones to get worked over as soon as possible, but as I said, that still can take some years.


I know there's much confusion about having a cover tag "Larry McCray" with the song "Soulshine", but he was the first one to release that song written by Haynes, so according to our guidelines the cover tag is correct. I changed them back for now, please leave them that way.