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Hi neueregel,
what's your source for this W.A.S.P. show? I tried to find proof that this show happened, but I am not able to find it. The first known W.A.S.P. show that proof can be found was on August 28th at the Woodstock Concert Theatre, located at 951 S Knott Avenue in Anaheim, CA. Other bands on the bill were The Whirld, The Name and Redline (Source: Los Angeles Times, August 27, 1982, Page 76). According to the band, this was their first official show - the one and only with Don Costa on bass. As far as I know, Knott's Berry Farm was an amusement park. But the similarity to the Woodstock address is obvious.

Please do not submit valid setlists for deletion if they were performed but have an incorrect song listed. Make the correction to the body of the setlist itself and provide a source/reason why you believe the change should be made.

Ebba Grön reunited for a secret gig to play at their old friends "Blutte's" birthday at an unknown venue on Gotland, Sweden.

Best regards/ C

Who's the lead singer in the Alien concert? Wich is the setlist?

By the way, have you found the Swedish Erotica Dvd?

According to my friend's email sent by the band it's 15/08/1989.

by the way, do you have Alien - Live in Sweden 11.08.1988?
Want to trade it? Mail-me:

Hello friend, I got the Swedish Erotica dvd from a friend
who got it directly from the band on the promise of never
be traded. Still, i know a trader who has it and possibly will
trade it. Here's her e-mail:

I think you've either got the wrong date or the wrong group since this band wasn't formed yet back in '84!

trudna zagadka nie była Kuzyn:p

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