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Looks like the Beacon Crowded house show was great. They usually do small snippets of other songs during their sets. Any come to mind that night?

Popguy, U r very welcome! I'm "old" so I saw Rockpile a dozen or so times way back...N35

Real reason why Give Peace a Chance is not listed as a seperate song
If one of the songs was performed in full then it does not fit the definition of a medley. A song info should be added for additional snippets. E.g. add with 'Black Dog' intro as song info for Whole Lotta Love
Not because it has been listed nth times as such. (this might be an error)

Your comment on the Rock for the Rainforest 2019 show stayed with me:
"Is there a way to publish the set list as it occurred, with all the songs and performers in the order they appeared?"
I encountered something similar this week on a "festival-esque" multi-performer show from 2013 - https://www.setlist.fm/festival/2013/another-day-another-time-7bd70668.html.
I've since added the individual performer setlists to the show/"festival". Originally someone made a "Various Artists" setlist for the show with the songs performed in order (with@Cover) but the performer listed in @Info (so not linked but name shown.) I think this would be a good addition to the Rock for the Rainforest show if you wanted to make it since you have the original setlist. By NOT using @With the artist performance isn't double counted in the individual artist statistics.