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Please be MUCH more careful when submitting venues that you are unfamiliar with and whose venue page you haven't even read for deletion. Unless you are absolutely positive that the venues are duplicates and not the correct name at the time of the show ask a Moderator first on the Problems with Venues Forum.

Servus, ich habe das später such gelesen. Allerdings spricht der Gründer Josef Muff Sopper auch in Interviews vom September 1989 als Zeitpunkt der Umbenennung. Erste Show war Sepultura und Sodom lt. seinen Aussagen. Vielleicht gab es den Namen Rockhaus vorher nur als Veranstaltungsname wie z.B. Paganfest? Lg

Start providing sources for shows that you did NOT attend. You need to start soon or your editing privileges will be revoked.

This show that you wanted merged out of existence was the 6:30 show. The other show was ar 9:30. Please read the setlist and Comments on shows that you request to be deleted/merged before submitting them for elimination.

I understand that. But I want to leave it because many references including the venue itself on its contact page use Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. I explained that below but you submitted it for deletion a second time. Maybe you just didn't see it here. If you want to debate the issue that's fine but please don't submit that venue for deletion again, I'll restore your editing privileges but you need to start providing sources for your edits too.

IEven though I believe you are acting in good faith I am temporarily revoking your editing privileges until you respond on my page or a setlist.

Stop reporting Elbphilharmonie Hamburg for deletion. I explained why below.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is not redundant when the venue refers to itself as such on more than one occasion as do other sources.

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