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please provide if possible a source for next uploads of new concerts

Hi Saby,
Machine Head didn't play the Declaration tape before Bulldozer. Neither in Lausanne nor in Pratteln.

Hello, I see you were at one of the System Of A Down concerts - did you have any material from there? For example, Audio, Video, Photo, Tickets.
If so, drop me a line at or here

Hello saby, is there a source for the Riverdogs playing in Detmold on that day? My calendar says that they were playing at the Green Goose in Nuremberg on that day.
Greets Drommler

Playwright Brendan Behan neither wrote or recorded "The Auld Triangle" so it is technically not a "Brendan Behan song". He usually gets the credit for it because it was featured in his play "The Quare Fellow". If it is credited as anybody's song, it should be either the writer 'Dicky Shannon' or 'The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem' who recorded it first, albeit under a different title.

Hello Saby, if you have boredom, take care of other set lists or create your own! There you can Change all you want! With this spelling, I would like to link the links to MY videos on Youtube! Thanks!!!

Hi Saby, why have you changed the setlist to Ascendia? And what was the change because when I look at the "edit changes", it seems to be the same thing that I wrote?

Hi Saby,

is there any reason you are changing this setlist?
The Intro was not tape. It was played live.
Holy Diver is a Dio Cover and was played together with Higher with a Sky.
Please do not change it.

Hi Saby,

Can you please change venue for Annihilator in Gdańsk (15.11.2016) from Klub B90 to B90? B90 is more adequate name.


Hi Saby,
thanks a lot for your answer!
I have been lucky and found a Flyer, yesterday. That one stated "Crazy World Tour", indeed!!!
So, I am sorry, for saying you had been wrong! You are right, instead!
I think the print on my ticket "Wind of Change Tour '91" had been from the promoter, too!
So everything Is fine with me and I won't change it back! I think I will add a comment instead at the setlist!
The Statistcs Link had been very intersting! I think "Tesla" had been our Support Band, too, at the concert. But me and a friend had been late that evening and we just heard some tones from the last Song, it I remember it right!
Because of that I didn't made an entry for Tesla on the day at the location!

Hi Saby,
you changed my correction of the Scorpions Concert.on 1st of October 1991 in Ostseehalle, Kiel, Germany from "Wind of Change Tour '91" back to "Crazy World Tour" and pleased me not ruin the Tour statistics! I don't see the reason why! I still got my Concert Ticket and on the print is written "Wind of Change Tour '91"! I can even send you a photo of my ticket in an E-Mail, if you linke to have one, to prove it! So, please explain me your reasons for your change, because on my opinion it had been wrong.

Thnx for the changes on the Whitesnake concert in Zagreb :) Im a new user here so I made some mistakes :)

Hey, I saw that you went to a System of a Down concert in 1998, that's awesome! Do you still have any stuff of them from these times? Like photos, videos, tickets/flyers, etc. If yes, reply me via e-mail please:


Could you tell me where you got the show details and setlist for the Child's Play show you added at Jaxx's Nightclub in Springfield, VA on Jan 30, 1993 ( This can't be the correct setlist for a Child's Play show, though it could be a Brian Jack solo performance. Thanks for your help!

Kedves Saby!
Láttam hogy van több infód Tankcsapda koncertekről.
Én egy bootleg gyűjtő vagyok, és nagyon érdekelne hogy vannak-e Tankcsapdás felvételeid?

Hi Sabi, can you please tell me something more about Steelheart show? Do you have any kind of memorabilia? Ticket stub? Pictures? Audio or video recordings? Let me know

Quote from Saby
"Hi there,
This is the official setlist on the whole tour.
It's very simple."

I disagree, most typed or written band setlists are far from accurate. "Damage Control" is also on the list, as it was in London last night, but they did not actually perform it; they did however perform many impromptu songs that were not on the setlist.

On the photobucket setlist you linked, the first song would appear to be a medley as it is titled "Intro/Take You Down"; it does not say the Intro part is on tape, yet you have decided that it is! Furthermore, the guitar solo is listed as "short Jorge solo seque into" but you have not called it by that title!

If it was so "very simple" why can't you get it right?

Saby, regarding Jeff Scott Soto's show last night, why would you include an @Tape "Intro" without saying what music was played? It just seems nonsensical.

Also to name the guitar solo "Short Guitar Solo segue" may suggest that it was the title of a piece of music, when it wasn't.

Just saying!

Hello Saby,
Can I speak with you about JSS tour - my e-mail is
Thank you Filip

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