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Do you have a ticket stub from The World Series of Rock dated May 28, 1989? Just curious. Mine is May 27, and I don't know if this was a 2-day concert.

Hey saby, wanted to ask if you have any Manowar Bootlegs to trade. If yes feel free to contact me via Email:

az 1992-es PeCsás FLA-koncerthez van valami plakátod, jegyed, proofod, bármid esetleg? Egy kronológiát állítunk össze többen és többen pislognak erre a koncertre, hogy nem emlékeznek rá - - bármilyen emléknek könnyes szemmel örülnének, azt hiszem :) Nagyköszi!

bq. Hi,
First of all, North American Tour 2022 name is not correct in Europe.
Secondly, this tour is officially called A History of Nomadic Behavior.

It's obvious it was not a North American tour, that was not the question. Question was show why you changed it to that particular named tour. So instead of telling 'correct tour name' use the facebook link in future.
Please continue to use correct sources for all your edits in future, so things can be verified .

Please show us why you changed the name of the tour. It may be obvious to you but stating correct tour name is just some info. ......

Thx, for the correction on Dynazty at Logo Hamburg.
my noob level raises from "total noob" to "noob"

Again correction is not a valid source for
If I would have changed it to Gimme? Gimme? Gimme? and put correction as a source would this a valid source?


It is advisable to add sources when you create, update or change a setlist.
Under the Edit Comment box is written to "Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons." It is there for a reason.

This must be another The Radios (belgian group) since I just found out they did a concert the same day in Belgium.
Another reason to put sources to your edits and or creations because I doubt you might remember why you added this 8 years ago.

Hi, thank you for your kind correction. I learned a new knowledge for me. : )

Hi saby, thanks for your comment on the CLUB CITTA’ setlist.
My point is that 5th of May show at Unknown Venue in Tokyo might not happen. That was why I asked your source of the show. I think the Tokyo show was mistakenly duplicated of the one at CLUB CITTA’ that was recorded and released as official live album later.
I searched further and found more info;

1) In 1995, Sleeze beez visited Japan for joint show with Raven from US, both were invited by the record label released their CDs in Japan.
2) The show at CLUB CITTA’ in Kawasaki was fully recorded and both of the bands released the live album. The album from Sleeze Beez titled “Live in Tokyo”, in spite of the venue was not in Tokyo, but in Kawasaki located near Tokyo.
3) Some info shows that the bands recognized their show was held in Tokyo. Actually, it is not unusual that shows at CLUB CITTA’ in Kawasaki were often recognized as held in Tokyo.
4) I found a blog of a Japanese photographer toured with Raven at the time. She clearly states that the show in Japan 1995 was only one time at CLUB CITTA’ in Kawasaki.
So, later I will delete 5th of May show at Unknown Venue in Tokyo. : )

Hi Saby,
you changed the venue
Ticket agents often only use the name "Backstage“ (, so you don‘t know in which of the four locations the show will be.
Maybe it would be better to inform the mods that the venue shouldn’t be used without Arena, Club, Halle or Werk anymore.

Hi Saby, my Norah Jones‘ setlist (Mainz, Zitadelle) is a copy of her own setlist I‘ve collected right after the concert including her personal comments. Think she knows best...

There's several Hippodromes in Paris, it would help if you could choose the exact one for the one you either uploaded or edited.

Please use exact location or venue for Visions of Rock Festival Caruaru following the guidelines at

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