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bq. You asked about this setlist I edited it 11 years ago with what he was playing but cannot for certain remember how - but Im very cautious about that stuff.

So you're not 100% sure if the songs were sung completely or not? Until then we can't change the several other setlists mehitdrum512 edited.

You changed a medley of Barry Manilow to seperate songs
To be certain that the edits of mehitdrum512 are wrong (he made a lot of medley edits) and be reverted to the original state, I want to be sure that the songs were played in full
The source for his edits don't make this clear either.
Please reply on my profile page.

Drop me an email about the elastica show, it's not great sound:

Incorrect about Rio, they played it at the concert for Diana.

Hi there,

Duran Duran played Wild Boys and Rio at live Earth because I can remember it and there is evidence on Youtube.


Thanks. I think it could have been 14th or 15th that video - she played 2 nights..

Hey there.

I remembered quite a few of the songs but found an audience video of the whole show on you tube and jotted it all down from there. Afraid I don't remember the support act.

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