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It seems you still haven't updated any of my requests, nor this one
Please follow up.
This website has some guidelines which need to be followed.

Please use exact location or venue for Festa della Sinistra Giovanile following the guidelines at

Please use exact location or venue for Festa della Musica, Rieti, Italy you created

After a LONG research I discovered that on ''Awaken the Guardian/No Exit'' (1992) the song in question is indeed listed as a unique track; Therefore, no infos are needed beside it- it will go back to as it was.

Please delete your comments as it might confuse readers.


The Blue Öyster Cult setlist you linked is not a duplicate; they played two shows on the same night, both with slightly different setlists, and I assume attendees as well.

Unfortunately there's nothing I can do to prevent the Annihilator setlists from being added under the wrong artist. The only thing to do is edit the setlists one by one to change them to the correct artist. I went ahead and did this. But anyone should have the ability to do this, so you could do it in the future, if you were so inclined.

You could also use the "Feedback" button on the right side of the page to notify the administrators of this problem. They might be able to take some permanent corrective action.

If there is a duplicate setlist (one with right artist, one with wrong artist) then notify a moderator and we can delete the incorrect setlist.

Regarding Blaze Bayley, I fixed the song "Tenth Dimension" so it's no longer listed as an Iron Maiden cover in any setlists. So it should no longer be autocorrected to an Iron Maiden cover. In the future you can uncheck the autocorrection checkbox and that will stop it from adding a cover.

Regarding the Annihilator setlist added under the wrong artist... Anyone should have the ability to correct this.

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