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about 8.15 / 8.20 start to proceedings, I wanst in venue long when they came on

Hey man,
Glen brought those young guys out at the Christmas busk last year. They're his neighbours apparently, and he plays guitar with them every now and again.

Thanks for doing the research and for adding so much detail to the performances at Shane MacGowan's funeral service.

Re: Peter Tork 16 May 1999.

Hi! A clip of the concert containing “Foggy Dew” can be found here -

We should be able to tell which version Peter is singing from this. Hope this helps!

Hi! Good shout on the RTE Orchestra. The user who added it should have received an e-mail to produce a source for it. Otherwise it gets auto-deleted in a few weeks. Since the edit is from 10 years ago, I'd say that the auto-delete will kick in. Cheers, m

If you’re going to suggest a change please don’t make the change before saying anything about it, at least give some time for discussion beforehand

Removed now, an easy one for a change.

Hey there,
Apologies for removing the Pencil Full of Lead info, I wanted to add the fact that they played a snippet of Polk Salad Annie by Tony Joe White also but it was too long. Then I added it back but it just deleted it entirely for some reason.

I think we've gotten te Showgrounds sorted out now. The problem wasn't a real 'bug' it was an issue with Curraheen having been merged into Cork for some reason so new venues created there were showing up as Cork. Anyway if you see anything else that needs to be done with these let me know or use the regular report system to fix it.
Thanks for your help with these.

There's some bug in the system right now. I ended up creating three Showgrounds before they showed up. I think they should resolve themselves in a few minutes but if they don't then let me know and I will file a bug report and try to get it fixed.

Curious on the placement of American Girl & Give A Little Bit on the alternative set list you saw printed last night? Were they in the pseudo encore instead of Naked and along Way Down?

Saw we'z wuz at some same shows/bands/artists ... I put em up check em out ...
Hope you subscribe and like if you do ...
Hasta Pasta

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