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thanks for the detailed information. it would have helped a lot (and does still) if you've added this as edit comment. otherwise the sudden change after a couple of years is just confusing and looks fishy


RE: mars volta

you asked:
"why the changes? where are your sources?"


On the the original setlist, someone just copy/pasted the tracklist from the noctourniquet album. This cannon't be accurate because they never played the album all the way through in one show like that, and also because they never played "imago", "vedamalady", or "zed and two naughts" live.

During that tour the set consisted of 5-8 nocto tracks in a row (but not in album order), followed by 1-2 back catalogue classics (the widow and goliath). for festival shows (such as this one) they played fewer songs, obviously. the setlist didn't change much but they did add "in absentia", "noctourniquet", and "empty vessels" to their solo shows as the tour progressed. Because of this, some fans misremembered the shows as "the band played the whole album all the way through".

TMV only ever played a full album at a show for a brief period in 2003 during the deloused in the comatorium tour. they abandoned this idea fairly quickly though saying that it was boring and predictable.

For these reasons, it would be impossible for the originally posted setlist to be accurate.
Also you can just go on youtube and watch videos of the concert and piece together the setlist. or check the comartorium for fan reviews.

Finally, I took off "with extended jam" a few weeks ago because they ALWAYS played that with an extended jam. actually the cover itself isn't even a real cover. the cover is nested inside of an extended jam that doesn't resemble the original song at all. So in the mars volta lexicon, "broken english" always implies a long jam loosely featuring the "broken english" lyrics. the most accurate way to include it in a setlist would be to append it to "the malkin jewel" since the jam is actually the outro of that song. they never played jewel without the "broken english" jam ending. as the 2011 tour developed, the "broken english" jam got longer and became its own thing, but it was always attached to "jewel" as an ending.

concerning your changes to this setlist:

why the changes? where are your sources?

Ok, feel free to fix them.