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Hi, I noticed you made an edit to an Imagine Dragons concert from Nov 6, 2015 by adding Destination to the beginning of a medley. Do you have any footage of this being performed? It's a pretty rare song to be performed in any form after 2012.

Thanks. Also, I believe that Intro: This is a Call to Arms and A Call to Arms are the same song. I’ve been using the former rather than the latter.

And I guess on Catch 22’s end, any Supernothing that shows up there should be listed as a Gimp cover too

Great re Here’s to Life. I’d add a comment for the handful of Streetlight shows with full orchestra over the last few years that the chorus version they sang was the BOTAR version and not the Streetlight version. I can do that myself if you want.

Cool. In my opinion, all the Keasbey Nights songs should be considered Catch 22 covers, Here’s to Life should be considered a Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution cover, and A Better Place, a Better Time should be entered consistently.

When you’re done cleaning up Reel Big Fish setlists, can you do Streetlight Manifesto setlists next? :)

I added that date from either looking at their bandsintown profile or a tour poster from 2010.

Lower Than Atlantis did not play the Owl Sanctuary in Norwich in 2010 as the venue only opened in 2014.

Wow, thank you!


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Thanks and keep up the great work!