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Hi zappafrank, sorry to bother, but I'm wondering if you took any videos of the Steve Hackett concert at the Palace Theatre in Greensburg, PA (particularly videos of Carpet Crawlers) (and also any video of the Peter Gabriel concert at PPG Paints Arena in 2023)? Trying to put together a multi-camera edit of the full show, but very few videos exist (and none of that song) on YouTube. Contact info available on my profile. Thanks in advance!

Hi there, I've just appointed you Roadie :)
Please take a look at the Roadie help guide, to familiarise yourself with the Roadie tools.

Specifically, if you would be able to help take care of this forum topic, it would be a great help :)

Yeah I've noticed you're name on here multiple times as well. Unfortunately I cant confirm the placement of the engineer on the set but I do know you are correct about after these wars being skipped at our show.

It's a complicated issue for sure, and I've even seen some posters billing it as a Jon Oliva's Pain tour. I'm opting to stick with Oliva for now since the tour is technically in support of Raise the Curtain.

I adjusted the capitalization to match the rest of the setlists on If the capitalization doesn't match on all the setlists, then the artist statistics will be incorrect. I would suggest making sure the "Autocorrection" checkbox is checked when you add or edit a setlist, as that should fix most of the capitalization inconsistencies.

If you feel that a song is incorrectly capitalized on, you would need to change every setlist containing that song, not just 1 or 2 setlists. If there are too many setlists containing that song, you can notify a moderator (like me) because we have the ability to batch edit multiple setlists.

FYI, we follow the capitalization standard from

Thanks for the adds & edits that you've done so far, it is much appreciated!

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