Tommy Stinson Setlists

Sep 13 2015

Tommy Stinson at Riot Fest Chicago 2015

  1. Not This Time
  2. It's A Drag
  3. Makes Me Happy
  4. Making Of An Asshole
  5. Bad News
  6. Meant To Be
  7. Breathing Room
  8. Alternative Monkey
  9. Never Aim To Please
  10. Friday Night (Is Killing Me)
Apr 14 2012

Tommy Stinson at Spy Club, Harrisburg, PA, USA

  1. Zero To Stupid
  2. Match Made In Hell
  3. He Means It
  4. It's A Drag
  5. Don't Deserve You
  6. Something's Wrong
  7. Seize The Moment
  8. Turn It Up
  9. Not a Moment Too Soon
  10. Making Of An Asshole
  11. Destroy Me
  12. All This Way For Nothing
  13. ...

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