House of Blues Las Vegas Concert Setlists

City Las Vegas, NV, United States

3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Opened 1999
Also known as House of Blues Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Apr 21 2017

Jimmy Eat World at House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV, USA

  1. You with Me
  2. Bleed American
  3. I Will Steal You Back
  4. Get Right
  5. Hear You Me
  6. If You Don't, Don't
  7. Big Casino
  8. Pass the Baby
  9. Just Tonight...
  10. Blister
  11. It Matters
  12. For Me This Is Heaven
  13. ...
Apr 9 2017

The Damned at House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV, USA

  1. Melody Lee
  2. Generals
  3. Disco Man
  4. I Just Can't Be Happy Today
  5. Alone Again Or
  6. Love Song
  7. Machine Gun Etiquette
  8. Street of Dreams
  9. Eloise
  10. Ignite
  11. Stranger on the Town
  12. Plan 9 Channel 7
  13. ...

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