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Posted 8 Nov 2018, 3:06:42

Should Billy Joel's stints at Madison Square Garden (split out by about a month or more in time each) be considered a tour called “Billy Joel at the Garden”..? He lists these one-offs this way on his webpage, but my hunch based on what a “tour” is, it doesn't meet the definition.


Re: Tours

Posted 12 Jun 2019, 17:17:07

This artist has a tour (Blood, Sweat & Beers tour) that is written in 6 different ways, all with only 1 concert assigned to that tour:

Can these be merged or does this needs to be done manually so that they all are under the same name?

Re: Tours

Posted 12 Jun 2019, 17:44:33

Last I heard, it's a manual thing…

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