1. (>>)
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  7. (Only Dave. Crowd with cellphone lights. This song was not on the original set list.)
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  10. (Preceded by I'm the One, Mountain Song, Smoke on the Water and Blackbird snippets. >>)
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  14. (Dave on acoustic guitar with Rami Jaffee on accordion on second half.)
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  15. (Dave solo and acoustic.)
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  16. B-Stage
  17. (First half slow version only with Dave, second half normal version with full band.)
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  18. (KISS cover)
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  19. (Rush cover) (First time since 2000-06-08, second time ever.)
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  20. (Faces cover) (Taylor on vocals. With solos from each member.)
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  21. (Queen cover) (Taylor And Dave on vocals)
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  23. (Crowd with cellphone lights.)
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Note: Total time: 2h 29 min (21:20 - 23:49). "These Days" and "Outside" were on the setlist but did not get played. The organization cut the songs due to an unknown curfew.

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