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  • Taj Mahal (US blues musician)
  • Taj Mahal (rapper)
Mar 3 2017

Taj Mahal at Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ, USA

  1. Go Down, Old Hannah
  2. Cakewalk Into Town
  3. Fishing Blues
  4. Satisfied 'n' Tickled Too
  5. The Celebrated Walkin' Blues
  6. Statesboro Blues
  7. Corinna
  8. San Francisco Bay Blues
  9. Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes
  10. Blues in the Dark
  11. The Sun Gonna Shine
  12. ...
Sep 9 2016

Taj Mahal at Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH, USA

  1. Done Changed My Way of Living
  2. Good Morning Miss Brown
  3. Fishing Blues
  4. Queen Bee
  5. Blackjack Davey
  6. Bring It With You When You Come
  7. Celtic Instrumental
  8. See See Rider
  9. Workin' on a Push Boat
  10. Good Morning, School Girl
  11. Corinna
  12. Blues With a Feeling
  13. ...

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