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Care to post any Nile Rodgers songs from SAP? They don’t have be complete or in order…

This review is very detailed, going with Drive Me Crazy. Thanks!

This guy says Hagar ended with Your Love is Driving Me Crazy. Do you think the did Drive 55 too?

I missed most of last night’s Hagar / Weir show. Did Hagar play “55” at the end of the night after Cabo Wabo, or earlier? Thanks

The Brandos and The Godfathers don't ring a bell. I was late to the show that night (I drove up from San Diego). Most of the time, if I know the opening band, I put it in already.

Went to College at Hamilton in Clinton ( 1 hour east of Syracuse) and this guy who worked at as a buyer at record store said I had to see Dylan at a county Fair; he was absolutely right! We must have overlapped at Dead show or2 no?

I just saw your comment form September.

The answer is obvious... we have great taste in music
also I (perhaps you) grew up in the 70's and 80's when concerts were cheap, the bands were great etc etc.
Also I worked in the Music Business for 20 years so that helped.

10 bucks to see the Clash... unvbelievable!

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