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Hi Sander. My name is Jennifer Roberts from Arizona. I love tracking my shows I wish I could remember all the shows I attended when I was younger. I'm originally from Milwaukee and we had a 10 day music fest in the summer and I've seen so many bands there.

In Manchester, did Extreme start their set with the image of the gorilla’s face with the chanting like before? Thanks !

I figured out the music is from the 1976 "King Kong" remake. Then the Extreme boys overlayed a chant of "Pakenuga" which is their name for the gorilla, also the first 2 letters of each band member's name.

Please don't tell the band that one of their fan's is such a geek...

Thanks for all!

Excellent choice of concerts, all seem very familiar to me...

At the Hampton Beach Extreme show, did they start the set with an image of the gorilla from "Six" with a recording of percussion and chanting? Thanks!

Hey, there. I was busy assigning John Cougar Mellencamp concerts to the tour that year, "Whenever We Wanted". Looks like I deleted your song list inadvertently. My apologies.


Hi !! Always glad to help out a music fan !! In fact, I just have a great complete soundboard show of HEART from Portland, ME 11/27 but no CHEAP TRICK, unfortunately... Anyway, I have tapes of CHEAP TRICK in Minneapolis 11/21 + NY 11/30 with same tracklisting, so I can bet they played same setlist in Portland too, check it out !!

Hi there, I'm collecting live audio recording by The Police and am looking for their Boston 2007 2nd night recording. Did you or friends of yours record this show ? If you did or can help me, please email me at :
It would be much appreciated. Stuff to trade. Thanks a lot. Cheers. Dr

Regarding the Ringo Starr setlist in Meadowbrook

User beachboys379 takes this source as a proof:

It says, "typical setlist of 2001", so just copy and paste might be wrong.

Can you provide any source to get this settled ? Would help a lot, to get the datas right.

Thank you,


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