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Hello, I have an unusual request. I see that you attended Journey's concert in Chicago, IL on September 29, 1981, and I was wondering, did you happen to record their concert that night, or do you know anyone who did record? If so, please email me at


Any chance you still have a recording of Kingdom Come in Tokyo 1989? Feel free to mail me at gwendibbleyATgmailDOTcom.


you got the recording of cheap trick unknown location sd?

Hello. I saw you attended a Queen's show in Paris back in 1984 and I would like to say you're really lucky. It's always great to see people who were able to see them live! I was asking if you had an audio recording of the show, do you? Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

Hi. You're going to have to start posting a source for your edits like everyone else or you will end up losing that privilege. It should be a link showing your edit is true. Here's how, any questions feel free to ask:

Not sure where you found the recording of Legs Diamond (when they opened for Alice Cooper and The Babys in Baton Rouge) but I remember going to that show and not knowing who they were before I was “Knocked Out” by their performance. Everyone else was as well.

Hey! You said today that you have a great recording of Cheap Trick at Hammy Odeon?
Mine isn't so good, as the batteries on my recorder were on the blink and the wow and flutter is dreadful...but the show was brilliant!
Whats more, that's one of the few bootlegs I have left. For some reason, I threw most of my cassettes away, prob cos I couldn't play them anymore, cos my tape deck went to meet its maker. But I NEVER throw things away....Hmmmmm
Ah, but do I regret it now. Now that I've got another tape deck from a charity shop...

Got a plectrum from that show too. But then, Rick Nielsen DID throw them out by the BUCKETFULL lol!

Hi, you said you have a recording of Gary Moore's set at Donnington. Is it up on YouTube? I'd love to hear it. He was just the best guitarist ever. Thanks, Cathy

Hi there,

You mentioned that you had a good recording of Bryan Adams 1991 show in Dundonald Ice Rink - I was wondering if you could please share this with me?

I'm writing a piece on his touring history of Ireland and I would really appreciate it as I can't find any footage from this gig. Thanks. My email is

Would you mind sharing your recording from Yngwie Concert at Transbordeur, France 1990? Mail me please: Thanks!

You shook up the setlist from Bryan Adams (03 Juli 1988) quite a bit or at least total.
"Walking after midnight" is missing? It is on the record LIVE LIVE LIVE ?! I'm really confused now, haha...
Would you share your recording from Bryan Adams Concert at Wercher, Belgium 1988 with me?

Hi there, do you still have the tape of Alien Rainbow, at Ronneby, Sweden 1989?
Want to trade or send me the Flac or mp3 files? I have some Dvds bootlegs, Mail-me:

Would you mind sharing your recording from Bryan Adams Concert at Wercher, Belgium 1988? Thanks!

I saw you recorded the 10/22/79 Foreigner concert at the Spectrum. Any chance of getting a copy. It was the first concert I ever went to :)

Saga and Huey Lewis from Rock am Ring 1985!
Will be surprised for the next ones!
Now it's getting difficultier, I would guess!

thanks a lot for your nice reply!
It you hear songs in your recordings that you don't know, please enter them, too.
By using "@Unknown" with an information about the Refrain for example! I probably could help to find the right name then!
I think all gigs from the first Rock am Ring are listed. I had some of the broadcasted concerts as well on tape, but these aren't full gigs and lot of bands weren't broadcasted at all! So, whatever you have would be very fine!
Because I entered 'I was there', I should be informed if there is a change in these setlist. There are probably just a minority at the beginning of each day I have missed at that festival!
Have fun by hearing your recordings again!

And for Joe Cocker there, too!
Merci beaucoup!

I saw you have been there, too!
What a fantastic Festival that has been!
I will never forget Bono of U2 climbing up to the top of the stages and singing from there! That became legendary!

Thanks for the setlist of Chris de Burgh at Rock am Ring!

Thanks for the Heart setlist on 11/27/90. It was one of the very few I was missing. Any chance you also recorded Cheap Trick's setlist as the opening act?

I recorded all shows I was at !!
...Well, almost....

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