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When using newspaperscom as a source: at the top left of the web page, under the logo, is the information path you can copy and paste as a source.
For example, a listing for the Steveie Nicks show at House of Blues on Jan 4 2000 is mentioned on:
The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California) 28 Dec 1999, Tue Page 146

Pasting this path as a Source allows any user with access to or another archive/library of newspapers to pull the exact paper, section, page on the date published.

So you really want me to revert all of your edits or were you just saying that because you think it would waste my time? I could do a batch-revert and everything would be gone in seconds, no sweat... or you could just do the one simple thing I asked of you like everyone else on the website. It literally takes seconds to copy- paste a web address into the comment box (the site forces you to comment anyway). And if you read the link I posted you would know that it's only required for shows that you didn't attend in person. If you were at the show you could just say 'I was there'. Really no need for an argument.

Sounds good to me. Don't bother editing if that's too much work for you.

You didn't give a source for any of those edits. I already said that. Sources are required as stated in the guidelines:

If you see something in a then you should post a link to it.

Thank you for getting back to me I appreciate it. Thanx for looking. Stay safe

Hello, I was wondering if you had a spare traditional hard stock ticket to the 1997 Motley Crue show at The Mayan you be willing to sell? Thank you in advance

Wow, Rolling Stones 277 times...

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