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i think this date is wrong. can you double check? the band didn't start playing out live until 1998 and there first actual concert was 3/14/98 in Canada.

Thanks, DR. AL

Even me who is not a member of Facebook can find which Kavka venue should be used. Peut-être il faut regarder au-delà de son nez pour trouver une solution?
What about the solution for the 'not' Belgian group?
What is the rule that as a citizen of a certain country you should be a fan of that country as a football nation? If we lose it's not the end of the world.

Also when I asked in my previous comment if you were sure it was a Belgian group playing here
In the description from the link you use it's written "Scottish HC/crossover band Kingpin"
So be more careful when uploading setlist, and especially follow up when someone asks you a question or we may take actions.
So please start correcting your mistakes.

Copying and pasting songtitles from another source is a bad idea since we have rules to list songs.
It's the uploader's responsibility to do this at his best behavior. That's why there's an option
Use's autocorrection to resolve typos, missing covers etc. (recommended)

Really too difficult to add sources?
I suppose when adding setlist you found them somewhere on the net, copy and paste are just two clicks away, not that difficult.

Again, when adding setlist please add a source

I asked 'Please use exact location or venue following the guidelines at '
since the venue is listed in the sources, please update this and all the other setlists you sourced as Unknown Venue.

When adding a Crumble Fest one year after another Crumble Fest at the same venue in the same city you should consider this the same festival linked to this venue so they get linked on the same page for different years.

Hi I noticed you added this setlist
unfortunately the concert has been postponed to 7/10/2018

C'est possible, mais je ne connais pas cette chanson. Quel est ta source?

Bon au boulot ! Il manque plein de titres du Fall of...c'est pas du boulot ça ;)

Salut, est-ce que tu aurais la setlist de Dagoba à Nantes, surtout les morceaux du dernier album stp? :)

Salut, est-ce que tu pourrais vérifier la setlist de Slayer au Hellfest dans le RockHard, un utilisateur pensait que 'Disciple' n'avait pas été joué...
Merci d'avance

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