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23 year old Guitarist, Metalhead, Vinyl Collector, and Student from ATX!

I mostly edit Metal setlists, but will make occasional edits elsewhere when needed! \m/


• Spiter/Desolus/SexCult (Jun 21st)
• Sacramentum/Vimur/True Iron Will (Jul 11th)
• TBA (Jul 18-20th; Hot Summer Nights)
• Tomb Mold/Horrendous (Jul 21st)
• Exciter/Midnight/Wraith/Hellwitch (Jul 26th)
• Pallbearer/Inter Arma/The Keening (Aug 2nd)
• PeelingFlesh/Snuffed on Sight (Sep 14th)
• Mortiis/Malfet (Sep 25th)
• Bewitcher/Macabre/Sadistic Force (Oct 5-6th; Hellbanger's Ball)
• Opeth (Oct 24th)
• TBA (Oct 31st - Nov 3rd; Levitation Festival)


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Thnaks for the forum report - I submitted on the backend but removed the post in the forum so Admins can see the setlists before another user submits for deletion. It'll all be removed soon, just need Amin to see first. thanks!

hey. Thanks for reporting canceled shows. Please include a link that verifies the reason for the cancellation. "According to attendee account, the show was canceled." A link helps us verify this.

thanks for staying on top of the trolls!

Thanks for the help on that Midnight setlist!!

Hi, In the particular case of Carajo, that song name is fine.
The main key here is that they have an official recording of it. You can see it here: https://www.discogs.com/Carajo-EN-VIVO-09-12-05/release/8316616
So with that is covered and could be accepted here. This situation could be treated the same way we are doing with cover songs in different Language, as example "Ruta 66" by Pappo. If you got to the bottom of this page: https://www.setlist.fm/stats/covered/bobby-troup-3d371db.html you will see two different versions of the Cover: "Ruta 66" and "Route 66" and both set as Cover of Bobby Troup.
The other important part is that is near impossible (we will have to check every show recording) to know how the Medley was played. The used to play from 3 to 5 songs depending the time they have, and not always in the same order. Also they done shortened versions of all the songs.
So in this case, the best option is to have it with this mane, especially because all the songs / covers that were played on the medley belongs to the same artist.
Many thanks,

Thanks for catching that mistake on the Rory & the Island setlist for me. I REALLY like the Jaded Black music on bandcamp. Fine stuff...hopefully when touring is possible, maybe you can play over here in Louisiana!

Let me know if you see any more bogus edits by that User. We'll give him one more chance

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