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Under the comment box it's asked "Explain your edit by providing sources and/or reasons." So instead of writing on my profile page, it's better to write this on the setlist page as future reference. Please do the same in future.



When writing "this should be Ashra not Ash Ra Tempel" on you could have changed the artist instead of creating another setlist at
And after creating you could also have asked to delete the first as duplicate or fake.
I have deleted the first now.

Danke für die schnelle Antwort.
Die Veranstaltung gab es nur 2003, soweit ich weiß.

Hi, bezüglich dem Konzert
The Crusaders Musikarena WAS'n Stage, Stuttgart, 21.7.2003
Bist du mit dem Datum sicher? Oder gab es einen Zahlendreher?
Nach meinen Quelle war der Gig am 12.7.2003
Bitte sag Bescheid, dann kann es korrigiert werden.

Thanks for getting back to me. From the sources that you provided I think the concert in Germany was scheduled and then cancelled. I am going to leave it for now and just put a comment that it was probably cancelled. In the future though it would be helpful if you posted the link to the ELP website when you request deletions and/or add setlists. I know that a number of their later shows were scheduled and then cancelled but not everyone does. Thanks again for providing the link.

Are you positive that this setlist should be deleted? They were in Paris four days earlier and the first British show we have is Jan 30. Please respond on my page and also see if you have a source. The setlist was created by a Roadie and I've seen many instances of British groups doing continental shows in the middle of touring the UK.

Wäre spannend, wenn Du mal Deine komplette Tourliste erfassen würdest… :)

Hi Uli,

hab da ewig nichts gemacht und gestern hat’s mich irgendwie gejuckt.


Hallo Jörg! Wusste gar nicht, dass Du Dich auch hier herumschleichst… :) Gruß Uli

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