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Thanks for correcting my Adelita's Way setlist. It's my first time doing this and yes "Talk" is the new song just released a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky enough to snag a setlist from the band and used it even though I knew what songs were played.

Thank you for editing my boysetsfire setlist. I'm new to the community, so I didn't really know how to add those speeches (and I indeed used the wrong terminology).

Thanks for the edits on the DP set. I didn't realize I skipped Devil and for some reason I forgot how to set the opening track as an intro.

Hola MatPact13, qué tal? No sé mucho de Mägo de Oz fuera de haberlos visto en concierto una vez y de tener uno de sus albumes. Estoy pensando en revertir la totalidad de los cambios que Kardenalk viene haciendo ya que exceden mi capacidad para verificarlos y no tienen justificación alguna. Qué te parece al respecto? Saludos.

Thank you! Heading to the forum now! :)

Hello! I'd be happy to help out! Could you provide me a link to the Linkin Park forum? I can't find it anywhere…

Okay, sounds good! If you can't get the help you want with the Problems With Songs forum, I recommend reaching out to one of the Moderators on here, like Bendobrien. The Mods should be able to help you with this issue since they essentially run and manage Do keep me posted on the issue, and if there's anything else I can help you with, don't hesitate to let me know! And of course, you're very welcome! Just keep at it! One can only get better at something with more practice! :)

Hello! Sorry for the late reply! And please don't apologize! Your English is quite good, actually! :)

Honestly, in my opinion, those songs should be changed to their original names ("Frgt/10" becomes "Forgotten (Frgt/10 remix)", so on and so forth) because they are just alternate versions of the original songs. I mean, the piano version of "Crawling" from the band's last tour isn't listed as a separate song from the original "Crawling", so why should these versions be any different, you know?

However, as you mentioned, these remixes have been listed as they are for quite a while now, and I actually have no clue if anybody else (presumably the Mods) on here has discussed them in them in the past. So I'm guessing that even though they are remixes, it clearly hasn't bothered anyone for them to be listed this way.

I personally think the songs should be changed to their original names with @Info tags stating that they're remixes, but it's not the end of the world to me if the remixes are left as they are. So what say you? Where do you stand on the issue? I'll leave it up to you. :)

Por curiosidad yo también sigo buscando
El diario del que hacen fuente no existe ya y su edición web. Intento usar wayback Machine y no logro obtener nada aún.

Por ahora he conseguido esto
Alexis Peña fue el cantante de una banda que fue bastante popular en los 80. Es un blog personal, pero por el relato da indicio de que fue una presentación bastante decepcionante en Caracas.

Voy a seguir buscando

¿qué tal MatPac13?

Me suena haber leído algo parecido sobre Los Prisioneros en su última presentación en Caracas, pero no me suena nada ese blog. Deja ver si consigo info en algún medio más formal.

Gracias por traer la info.