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Yeah, it looks like you're right. I'll remove the close date for Shea's Buffalo Theater.

Setlists deleted, thanks for reporting

Thanks for the note and Cheap Trick update. You are absolutely correct and I made a bad assumption that they were continuing to tour together. I appreciate you reaching out and making the correction!!

Thanks for the heads up. I would have trusted changes you made anyway as I know you wouldn't do them if you weren't sure.

Thanks for catching those Young the Giant and TALK venue mistakes! I apparently can’t read! :S

Obviously fake as are the others. I will delete them all later when I get on my computer so no need to report them individually on the Backend. Thanks for catching them.

I totally agree with you. I think my guess of Queen's University in Kingston is better but by no means accurate. Without the University of Rochester listing I would be more inclined to put it in Kingston, NY. I'll keep digging.

This puts them at the U of R on Apr 23 and the "University of Kingston on Apr 24. No mention of Buffalo but the Rochester gig the night before does but them in the area. My guess right now would be Queen's University in Kingston Ontario and not Kingston, NY.


I never heard of it either but when I googled "Kingston University Buffalo" I got these results which you can see if you google it. I doubt if this was the venue either but I think it will take more extensive research to suss this one out. It's a mystery to me. I think you are correct that it was probably downstate but who knows? If I find Anything out I'll let you know and vice versa.

Moved venues Cheektowaga and corected address and venue info. Wikipedia puts the address in Buffalo. I have to get them to correct that too.

Festival fixed, thanks for the info

Venues merged, name corrected and details added.

Setlist deleted, thanks.

Probably the best way is to post venue information on my page with a link to the relevant venue. the way Scott does. I prefer that you post separate posts for each venue unless they are somehow related. That way I can check them out myself and delete them after I (hopefully) add the correct in fo to them.

Alternately you can post on the Problems With Venues page and either I or another Moderator should eventually take care of them.

No there isn't a way to change them except manually. I remember that the shows for this venue were a real mess. Many had the wrong name for the venue itself or other problems. I looked at a couple of them and those had the venue names wrong and shouldn't be changed. The other venues within the casino already exist within our database other than "Stir" so if you want to change those to the exact venue feel free to do so. If you have any other problems or questions just post them on my page.

thanx for telling about We Can Run. I changed them all to We Can Run now as this is correct.

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