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please use exact location or venue for Jazz Festival you created

Feel free to delete whatever you want. I've abandoned this site.

The setlists you have been adding for the band MintJam are for the wrong artist. They are a Japanese band. The group you want is apparently not on Musicbrainz. If you can add the band there we can change the artist. If not then we will have to delete the setlists because they are for the wrong band. Leave a comment on my profile about this issue. I dont want to just delete the setlists now because you put some time into them and it would take you a while to do them again.

The cassette copy I have of this show was labelled as I posted it. I don't recall who I got it from. I have no verification other than what was written on the J-card. Given the ease with which numbers and venues were transposed back in the day, it wouldn't surprise me if this is erroneous.

What is your source for this setlist? It in't listed on Tunabase and the theater wasn't open at this point as far as I know.

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