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Just saw your edit note for the previous night setlist noting the song title was announced. Thanks for adding these setlists!

Was the Brandi & Marcus Mumford song announced as "How"?

Thanks for entering the Brandi Carlile @ the Greek setlist!

By accident I saw you asked PhilippeLandry some information.
To be honest he knows a lot about cover songs, but sometimes he misinterpretes the guidelines on this website .

Here's some exemple for all those Santana covers
If you had let me have some more time to have the cover tag removed, you wouldn't have needed to post it here.
I had some difficulties in reverting the changes.
In my opinion
Black Magic Woman is a Fleetwood Mac original.
Gypsy Queen is a Gabor Szabo original.
Both songs are listed on the Santana page as covers of these artists when performed solely.
Medleys shouldn't be credited as a cover according to because adding an @With, @Info or @Cover results in affecting the whole line, not just the one song.
If this song was performed exclusively as a medley by Santana this doesn't make it a Santana original since both of the songs were composed by a different artists and recorded by them

For Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen you refer to In this link that song is listed as being composed by Peter Green and Gábor Szabó.
On the Santana song page these songs, when performed solely are listed as covers of both of these (Since Peter Green was a member of Fleetwood Mac and they released it)
So your argument that this song is unique to Santana it may be true, but the guidelines on this website are clear.
1. When it's a medley the cover tag shouldn't be used.
2. When a song is composed by someone else and that person or group has released it it's being considered as their original.

He also has a mind of his own relating to translated covers.

There are numerous case of artists covering themselves around

Jackson Browne co-wrote this song and released it himself
Dee Dee Ramone co-wrote this song and released it himself

That’s how things are here


I would’ve agreed with you if the moderators hadn’t been so stubborn in calling 858 performance of Gloria by Patti Smith as Them cover.

That’s how things are here


And about obscuring the title by the performing artist, that’s why i added an info mentioning it

You can see it here for Don’t Look Back

That’s how things are here


Do you want to see another example of how things are here?

It is a cover of the song. Trust me, i know how things are here and we don't make that distinction... even though we should. I added an info to mention the name that Chaka Khan gave to that song.

@erfdae The regular setlist is a full performance of the Fingers Crossed album. However, as the material is very sullen, the artist broke that setlist into what he called "Act 1, 2, and 3" by punctuating what he called "intermissions" where he performed upbeat tracks from previous albums or took audience requests before returning to the heavier material from Fingers Crossed.

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