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Rattlesnake Shake was written in the summer of 69. This setlist can't be correct.

Hi, if you don't remember early show or late one, please write so on my page. : )

Since Harlekin was only used once as a venue in Brussels for a concert you uploaded could you share the information where you found this?
Otherwise this might be deleted.

Wrong city and wrong date (your source had the correct datas)

Please be aware date follows the english writing (eg 6/11 means 11.06.) !

I was at Iggy show in Milan 1999 but I have no idea about bootleg or tape of that. Sorry

If I had it, I would gladly do it, but unfortunately I haven't it. I'm myself searching for it.

You added the setlist for 'Fleetwood Mac at Wiener Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria 1970 March 25'. Do you have a recording of this show?? I'm more than interested, because I was there!!

let me know

I was at ths show. Soft Machine opened for Larry Coryell and Eleventh House. The guitarist for Soft Machine used my amplifier - 1970 Twin Reverb with JBL speakers.

Thanks...I might know of a audience recording...have not spoke with my old bud in years...maybe a reason to rekindle our friendship!
Thanks for the reply.

Santana @ Westchester 1981 had an early show and a late show. Which did you update? Do you have the other?

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