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I really like Oingo Boingo

i know a lot and try to learn about the Charlotte, NC music scene; past and present.


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Hi, if you could eventually paste a link to a photo of the setlist (could host on flickr or some other free photo-sharing site ) that would be great. No rush, when you & your mother have time to snap a cell photo picture of it.

Your edit to this setlist

Source is "from setlist". Do you have a picture of the printed setlist?

About your recent edits.
I don't know if you already know, but the Guidelines on "Adding Sources" have been revised.

So could you please provide actual source links instead of just writing something in the future.

Hi, you reported a change of Chancho en Piedra "Calentón" Devo Cover and it was badly apeteced by other moderator so I reverted it.
Now let me explain you.
When a cover is done in other language, and also if it was recorded by the artist, if fine to have it with the translated name.
Apparat from the video you sent, you can see that they recorded here:
Please take not for next time

Kudos on all the Ween edits. Forgot just how many Ween sets I added on here many years ago.

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