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Hey, thank you for being on top of keeping the Coldplay setlists consistent. A few weeks ago you reverted a change to the May 21 setlist in Portugal--I just posted a note about that change in the forum, and thought you may like to have a look. Thanks!

thank you for flagging the Coldplay changes without sources

Hello! Even though I am aware that BTS appeared as a guest on that song, I personally don't know why it's listed as a Coldplay x BTS cover. Going through some of Coldplay's older setlists, I saw that a bot called @event_monkey changed it to that cover, which tells me that another user submitted a request to have it changed to a cover and @event_monkey made that change. I would strongly suggest you talk to a Moderator about this before changing anything.

Please provide actual sources for your edits because simply writing 'surrounding' does not constitute a source.

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