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Not sure why but every time I submit Animal and do it the single brackets change to double. Sorry about that!

Is there a way to add that to the info for Animal for this whole tour at the same time or is it a case of doing it individually for every date?

Yeah i noticed some double brackets appearing. Ill take a look at it.

So how can we add it is partially played?

Hi, why are you changing the (Partial) tag on the W.A.S.P. shows? Animal is not played in full on this tour.

Hi, I see you’ve created multiple BC shows in the same city/venue within a month, this doesn’t seem very likely?! I believe due to Easy E’s health issues part of the tour was rescheduled, so assume the latter date is more likely? Do you know which show took place and ideally have a source to confirm it? Thanks

It was not a personnel message, but a message triggered from the setlist page asking for a source automatically.

It is strange you react now because I tell you it might be deleted. I asked you in June 2018 but you never reacted to either message.
I did this because I'm trying to eliminate as many Unknown Venues in Belgium as possible, contacting the person who uploaded the setlist to give more information.
I have myself a collection of old magazines from the 60s on but couldn't find any information. And for every week there's several hundreds of concerts announced in each magazine.
Newspaper archives didn't come up with any result either.

You have been asked to give us a source for both & on January 6, 2018 to which you never reacted. If we don't receive anything these will be deleted automatically.

hi! How did you get the information for the Jean Beauvoir concerts in France ? Thanks for your help

Hey there! I see that you were at this Evanescence show in 2004 (Anywhere But Home). We all know that the band played "Zero", do you remember the placement of this? Maybe before Whisper?


When will you be able to start trading again?

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