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There's discussion amongst the mods to see what can be done about all those webcast concerts. They might all end up in one venue, worldwide, so there's no need to add the concert to the festival (yet)

Hi! I think Halsey's setlist in Frankfurt was the same as Barcelona and Madrid, but I wasn't keeping track, so I can't say for sure.

Did Taylor Swift play a medley at the AMA's? *wink*

Hey there
Of Monsters and Men have cancelled their current asian tour so you won't need to add the dates in here.


Oi! A Sonia disse que "Passerby" era uma música que ainda não havia sido lançada, mas não que era a primeira vez que tocava ao vivo... Então achei melhor deixar sem a menção, já que não é uma certeza.

Assista esse vídeo a partir de 5:40:18. Eu não estava lá como você disse estar, mas eu tinha certeza de ter ouvido a música durante o show... Acontece que eles realmente não tocaram ela inteira. Segue o vídeo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWRSm4dBBng

A quick Google search will teach you that the proper spelling of “a cappella” (Italian for “in the manner of the chapel”) is indeed two words. Sometimes, the Latin “a capella” is used, but musicians generally stick to the Italian spelling; either way, it’s two words, unless you’re referring to the 2013 song “Acapella” by Karmin. “A” is a preposition in many languages, including Italian, so that’s why “a cappella” is two separate words.

oi! nada pessoal, só para manter a consistência com as outras setlists da tour. se você preferir manter o solo anotado, por favor marque como "Tape" (mesmo sendo ao vivo) para que não haja problemas nas estatísticas de músicas tocada (já que não existe uma música de Sandy e Junior chamada "Junior Solo")

Amongst the mods there's consension that if a soundcheck can be attended through either a sweepstake or paying ticket it can be listed. To bring all Paul McCartney soundchecks together we created a VIP tour. A tour doesn't have to be officially named, it can be named
2.The name of the album that the artist is touring in support of. Note: Each artist tours in support of their own album, so the album title from another artist should not be used. E.g. Frank Turner "Positive Songs for Negative People.
That's why I recently also created the Memory Almost Full tour.
The Paul soundchecks are not private shows either, if one has enough money, he may attend the show. The attendance may be limited to less or more than hundred, but then all shows are limited because of the size of the venue (although this may extend to a couple of thousand)

Why did you delete the VIP tour from Paul McCartney?

Thanks for reporting

I checked my RockHard France #35 (Juil/Aout 2004) page 82 and Zero was played in first on the encore.
I fixed the tracklist.

Best regards

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