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Hello, did you happen to record the Steely Dan shows you attended? If so, please contact me at barbecuefan91(at)gmail(dot)com

I think your entry for "Spinners" at Indiana State Fair 2012 Aug 9th, should have been entered as "The Spinners". In fact, someone did create such an entry for "The Spinners" on that date, so now we have duplicates. Perhaps you could notify an admin to remove your setlist.

Thanks for updating the Straight No Chaser show from yesterday. I'm not 100% certain on the song order or if I got all of the songs, I'm just going off of memory. So feel free to correct my edits!

Don Brewer at age 70 is still an amazing drummer for Grand Funk ! He was Bob Seger's drummer when I saw him in 2015 and 2011,

Hi - you asked about "Gypsy" at the Fleetwood Mac show in Indy 10/16. I can say with near certainty that it was NOT played. I took stills of every song, as well as some video. I have stills from "World Turning" and then the next item on my camera was a video of "Oh Well", including Mike Campbell stating the title, and attributed to Peter Green.

The last time I saw "Gypsy" performed live was on Stevie Nicks' 24K Gold Tour in 2017, and the video played on the backing screen was a rainfall scene with drops hitting pools of water. I certainly do not recall that video used this week at the Fleetwood Mac show, and like I said, no stills on my camera between World Turning and Oh Well.

Oh, and Eric also played Freddie King's Boogie Man.

Hi davidkinzel - loved the Eric Gales performance. I will update the setlist as soon as I can, but went to a show tonight and will be back at the Jazz Kitchen Sunday. I believe Eric played nearly everything from his album, Middle of the Road, plus Voodoo Chile and a medley that began with Don't Fear the Reaper. He seemed to be having a good time and expressed that he "will definitely be coming back to this place!" (Jazz Kitchen).

Hi David, regarding the Pretenders shows...

I suspect any variation in length might be due to the health of Chrissie's voice. You're aware that the show for 7/7 was canceled?

The Louisville show was right about 90 minutes with the 2 encores. It also kicked ass, in my opinion. Chrissie's vocal didn't seem to have any negative aspects as it did the next 2 shows. Louisville was close to sold-out, but there were some empty seats on the main floor. Can't say about the balcony as I didn't get up there to look. I was in row L in Sec 1 (right-side orchestra). Judging by available tickets the day before the show, Louisville certainly sold better than Indy.

Cincinnati show was 80 minutes, including the 2 encores. I did notice quite a few empty seats on the main floor on the sides, guessing about 85% full on the main floor. I was front row balcony. Balcony seemed pretty full but it was hard to tell as I could not see the rear of the balcony. Thumbelina at the end was a bit extended and really rocked. Chrissie complained about their voices being impacted by the air conditioning, but conceded it was needed as it was so damned hot. She said this during the intro to _Chain Gang_. I had not noticed any problem at that point, and still didn't notice until 2 songs later _Hymm to Her_, early in the song, her voice broke, and then she went on with the rest of the song and it seemed a bit tentative for the rest of the song. No _Stand by You_ that night.

Indy show I was front row, and couldn't really tell if the main floor filled in well or not. I know there were quite a few seats still open the day before the show. Show was about 85 minutes.

Hi David, thanks for adding all your ISO setlists - it's great to see some classical music in the database. Just a small request from me - please could you only add each performance once, under a single artist. For example, I just found some Dejan Lazić setlists from 2015 performing the same songs as ISO at the same date and venue. I imagine these were a shared performance together?

The main reason for this is so that song performances only appear once in the database.
eg. https://www.setlist.fm/stats/songs/wolfgang-amadeus-mozart-5bd4d3b4.html?song=Piano+Concerto+No.+21

Thanks for your help!

David, I'm not that familiar with White Reaper and it was difficult to understand the lyrics given the lead singerxs style...so, unfortunately, I didn't make a set list.

Hi David,
You're not blocked for anything, so there is something else that prevents you from assigning a cover to Dexter Morrill - do you have a link to a setlist/song with which you have this issue?
It might be Dexter Morrill did not yet exist as an artist on Setlist.fm - I have just imported his MBID which should resolve the issue. In any case, let me know which setlist it is that gets reverted.

I see you have put up a lot of Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra setlists. Would you mind tagging the correct covers please, as this will save us poor moderators a *lot* of correction work.
You can find instructions on cover assignment here: https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#covered-songs

Here is a list of classical composers for correct assignment: https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/songs-of-classical-composers-13d6b159


I don't know the names of any of the songs, but I'm investigating. If I find anything out, it'll show in the setlist changes. I'll keep you posted!

You are all set to add set lists for Rumer Willis.

David: Yes, I am going to the Rolling Stones concert at IMS. I have never seen them perform live and am not a huge fan of their music, but I believe that they are one of the few bands that you just have to go see live if they are in your area.

Hello, David!

I would not know if 80 minutes was long or short; I have never seen the ISO up to that point, but I am glad I finally did. I cannot wait to see them more times in the future.

Hi, I'm collecting live audio recordings by The Police. If you are interested in trading rare live stuff, or if you know tapers who might have recorded The Police, please email me at : maisquefaitlapolice@yahoo.fr
Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers. Dr

Hey David! I wish I did had a setlist for Bahamas but unfortunately I don't. When I saw him support City + Colour that was the first time I had ever heard of his music. He was fantastic. My suggestion is to check out his debut album or YouTube some of his performances if you're trying to find a specific song or a reasonable idea of his setlist.