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Chicago has closed all bars and restaurants so I'm deleting upcoming concerts you aded.

Hi Taberav, thanks for letting me know about the duplicate setlist. I have fixed the situation.

This is what I posted on the other 8/8 Spirit setlist. I am leaving both for now

Although this website gives the date I don't necessarily believe this bootleg listing is correct. Bootlegs are notoriously unreliable and the other venue has a ticket for it. It's possible though and they could also have flown to New York for an evening gig after the noon show.

Grand Funk opening up for Bob ! What a great night of music

Hey, Do you know if Fleetwood Mac played Gypsy on Tuesday for sure ? Someone added it to the setlist, but I cannot remember.

Who made you the set list police?

Hello taberav! How was the Eric Gale performance? I was thinking about going, but I saw Pat Metheny on Thursday night and was not sure I was up for back to back jazz guitar performances no matter how awesome lol

you're welcome!!! just trying to help keep the blues alive!!!

Hey taberav! I’m curious about your thoughts on the most recent trio of Pretenders shows. How did the Murat compare? I’m also curious about the total amount of songs on any given night. There seems to be a fairly large range. Is audience size or participation a factor?

Hilbert Circle Theater is fixed. Thanks for reporting!

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