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I have a Houston Public Library account which allows me access to Newsbank for older Chronicle issues. It took me awhile to figure it out, but somehow go to the Houston Public Library and sign up, and there's a link there somewhere to access Newsbank Chronicle Archives.

Here's the guidelines for sources:

Notice it says "link" at the beginning of each example. The only other option is "attendee". You didn't post a link and you were not an attendee. That's why the edits were reverted.

Does the VH website you said you do research for have ticket stubs pictures?

Hi. I reverted all your Van Halen edits since you didn't bother posting a source for any of them. Guesses are not allowed regardless of what you are changing. That's a good way to lose editing privileges completely.

Hi. That message is automatically posted and will appear when a moderator merged a duplicate artist with the same name. Nothing has changed other than the artist MBID on

I decided to go with Saltair Resort for the 1956 show you want to edit. It would seem to be the best way to differentiate the two.

The Wikipedia entry for the venue says that it opened June 21 but I am sure that the article you cite wouldn't get the venue wrong as it is a local Newspaper. I will change the opening date to June 1 and if you find something that gives the opening date that is definitely the actual date let me know and I will change it.,_South_Dakota)

The venue was officially called the "Redding Convention Center" until 2011 or 2012 though it seems to have been unofficially called the Civic Auditorium before then. You should use that name for the show.

Ben posted the problem on the forum but no reaction yet.
I remember that I deleted two or three songs called intro and outro for a group that I've forgotten. Did you refer to this?

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