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Hey iq-wunder! Thanks for all the setlist.
Do you know whose song is Shangri-La that Axl sings before Sweet Child in this concert?

Thank you!

Hey, I noticed that you had tagged Muse's 1999 concert at the Hurricane Festival as one that you attended. I'm just wondering if you remembered them playing any particular songs such as Do We Need This, or any details about the setlist? If you manage to remember any, I'd really appreciate if you could please add them to the setlist or let me know. Thanks a ton, and have a great day!

Here's the concert link:

I'm the girl in white dancing on stage with Jon Bon Jovi on June 28th 1995 at Sheffield stadium...please help me find video footage from that show!!!

A while back, someone deleted the festival page for "Zaire 74" that I created; I'm not sure who it was, so I decided to mass send this message to every moderator. It's not a fake festival, and in fact has an article on Wikipedia, which is where I got the information from. I'd appreciate if it was not deleted a second time.

hey there, just wanted to inform you that we put a forum online today and that there's also a forum just for moderators and admins where we can discuss stuff centrally, it's on


(i posted this message to all moderators)

Hi Steffen,

ja den Punkt haben wir auch schon besprochen. Es war interessant auf wieviel verschiedene Fälle man kommt, wenn man doch eigentlich "nur" die Venues vereinheitlichen will :-). Wir haben uns damals darauf geeinigt, dass das Praterstadion und das Ernst Happel Stadion (gleicher Fall wie in Hannover ;-)) als verschiedene Venues laufen sollten, da die Stones damals im "Praterstadion" gespielt haben und eben nicht im "Ernst Happel Stadion". Aliases hinzufügen macht auf jeden Fall Sinn, damit beide Venues gefunden werden. Die beiden zu einer Venue verschmelzen würde ich derzeit nicht, da wir wahrscheinlich künftig eine andere Möglichkeit machen um die Umbenennung der Stadien abzubilden.

... jetzt hoffe ich DU verstehst was ICH meine :-)

schöne grüße und danke für die glückwünsche


just wanted to tell you that there's a new feature to block editors, check out how it works on: (copied this message to all moderators)

hey sorry for Paradise Lost. I was trying to put order into setlists to have better stats :)

Hallo Steffen! Wir überlegen derzeit, ob ein Forum gebrauchen könnte. Bitte um deine Stimme:

Schöne Grüße, Stefan

Thank You for adding the space

Hallo steffen, ich hab dir vor ein paar tagen eine e-mail geschickt, falls du sie nicht erhalten hast, bitte eine mail von deiner mailadresse mit der man dich erreicht an help at - es gibt geschenke ;-)

I just noticed that you fixed LZ 1969.06.27 that I added myself. Cheers, I must have missed it.

Just caught your edit. It would be preferable if Zeppelin's R.A.H. performance (as well as all their other performances in the UK) be distinguished by the actual country, and not the UK.

hey steffen, just wanted to let you know that a) we added a feedback-form on to discuss things we could improve - starting with a question from mr_magpie - feel free to add your suggestions there. and b) that there's a new page showing all recent edits and comments in decending order on

have fun

PS: I copied this message to all moderators

hehe, wusste gar nicht dass es J.B.O. überhaupt noch gibt :-)

Who opened for Guns/Metallica at the San Diego show. 9/30/92 I know it was supposed to be Faith No More. Was it Mudhoney or Black Sabbath?

quite right - i added the word (will be online as part of the next update) ... it's so much easier to understand if you've written it yourself :-)

you may redirect the setlist on your own now since you're a moderator (for 2 minutes now ;-)) - read that one before starting off:


yupp, we already noticed that one (apfel-birne wrote it as comment on the blog) - it should be part of the update that goes online in a few minutes. thanks for telling

hi steffen, first of all thanks for all your effort! unfortunately we can't add Rammstein due to legal issues (they even sued some of their fanpages). I'll discuss the @With for several artists with the team later (in an hour or something :-)) - but I can't guarantee that this feature will be available soon, as it involves quite a bit of work. thanks for the feedback!

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