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think I finished
Delete one concert on October 3 or 4, 2010 at Spot Kassel, probably the robot eventmonkey imported it from somewhere before the information about the closing got updated on

started updating venue information
thanks for the researching.

Thanks I updated the information about the Laakdal venue.
Laakdal is a village or city in the province of Antwerp.
I've assigned all excisting villages or cities from Belgium to their province, instead of the three regions because some villages exist several times, and linked them also to the municipilaty they belong to. That might have been the reason why you were confused about Laakdal, Antwerp.
I even get worse newly named cities in Belgium, some create entire provinces or regions as a city, that's about equivalent to either enter a new city California or United States.
Did anyone follow up on your comments about the other venues in the same comment or should I have a look at it?

Some words from the admin
There’s a (long long) planned feature to consolidate venues i.e. to have one venue for all different names that “knows” which name to use for which event date.
For some reason I thought the venues were in Zurich, but they were in Hamburg. He found the opening and closing dates and added them.

If we make two different Rockhalcafe with different spelling it would be possible, because then we can add an opening and end date for the first and an opening date for the later.
If an end date is put for each hall there can't be setlists attached to the venue outside of these dates (but what's already there has to be removed manually)
Don't think it's a serious problem because not that many halls change name for a limited period to revert to the original name.
In the USA venues change name because of different sponsor. Unless in some years the same hall gets sponsored by the same company, there's no problem in renaming the hall for a fixed period.

When opening and end date is filled in (like for Rockhalicious) one can't add any concerts outside these dates. And there's only one field for both of them. So I can only put the info on the page but this won't prevent other people to use dates outside of these dates for the Rockhalcafe.
As you can notice for there's only an opening date filled in, so one can make a new setlist for this venue also for dates when it was called either
Volksparkstadion (1953–2001, since 1 July 2015)
AOL Arena (2001–2007)
HSH Nordbank Arena (2007–2010)
Imtech Arena (2010–2015)
while for one can't add setlists outside the dates 2001-2007
Same for where setlists can only be attibuted between 2007-2010
so there might be a problem between these last two for the year 2007 if no exact date is given.
I could ask an administrator who's from Austria.
Same problem for 2010 for

Maybe rename Rockhal Café before opening Rockhalicious and Rockhalcafé in one word after closing Rockhalicious and put a comment.
If we leave one name for both, I could easily batch revert them into the one word named Rockcafé.

Thanks for the info about Rockhal
Added opening and closing date for Rockhalicious
Problem with Rockhal Café before and after opening and closing date of Rockhalious is you can't put two dates.
Would you have an idea to distinguish both of them (e.g. naming one with Cafe without accent and other Café with accent?
Otherwise I fear people may continue to add setlists to Rockhal Café that took place at Rockhalicious.

It's certainly up for discussion. If you'd like to discuss more, there is a forum topic we can follow up in. However, some of my reasons are:
1. All 3 songwriters were members of GNR (at some stage), whereas only 2 were members of Hollywood Roses
2. GNR released a version of the song in 1987 (before Hollywood Roses in 2004)

If you're not familiar with them already, please have a read through the guidelines for cover songs too.

Let me know your thoughts.

Yeah that's fine. If it's one complex containing smaller venues then each sub-venue's name should be used.

I didn't revert anything. Somebody requested that "the venues are the same and should be merged".

Got the date wrong, posted it in the forum to get it deleted

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