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Ha, Ha. I also was googling- just got a different answer:-) I am getting my hearing checked on Thursday so that may be my issue- time for the aids- too many loud rock shows:-)

I did see the official set list but, man, I could swear that I did not hear those words. Oh well, I also thought that I heard low spark at the BCT (it was Dear Mr. Fantasy)- too old for my own good:-)

They did not play Lonesome and a Long Way from Home. It was Vinnie's tune, Way to Go Home. See . I thought it was the former at first and just thought they were fucking up the words as I only heard Vinnie's song a couple of times before Jerry died.

Hello! i read that you attended some Blondie gigs in the past. Did you tape them or know of anyone who did? Special interest on the gig in Atlanta Aug. 1978. Cheers