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Trying to figure out the new song Crowded House played after Private Universe in Denver. Any details will help!

Hi by any chance do you have a recoding of the Susanna Hoffs show in Denver 1997 that you were at? I have hundreds to trade

Hello, did you happen to record the Steely Dan show you attended in 1996? If so, please contact me at


Big Allan Holdsworth fan here.
I noticed you were at the show in Kingston, NY on 30 Oct 1986 where he opened for Chick Corea. You say you have an incomplete recording of his set. I'd be very interested to arrange a quick trade for a copy. Do you have any other rare Holdsworth recordings?

Looking forward to hear from you.


Hi, I'm creating a database of the all starr of Ringo and I saw you were at the
7.5.1997 Fiddler's Green, Denver, CO

Do you remember the songs performed during the solo spot ? I
know Ginger Baker was playing drums on White Room

Thanks !