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Yesterday I asked you for a source for a show you added... Today you are still adding shows without listing a source in the comments. Saying which band opened that day is NOT listing a source. I'm going to have to start deleting the shows you are adding. In the future please include a source link in the comments as it says in the guidelines.

I think I've deleted the Minneapolis Jefferson Airplane concert at least five times now. It was cancelled. I know it was advertised and have even seen a poster (probably a bootleg) for it. I know there is no way for you and other Users who have added the in good faith to know that but I wish we had a way to prevent these 'Lazarus' shows from being recreated. I am deleting it tho I am tempted to leave it and just put a CANCELLED Comment on it.

Go ahead and create a new setlist for the Birmingham show but don't report this one for deletion. Mayall would have cancelled a Uni show if a better gig turned up. It's possible, but doubtful, that he played two on this day. More likely that he cancelled this Glasgow or I got this date wrong. I remember that the GU Guardian site was not very easy to read details.

What is your source for this show? You didn't check that you attended and only gave the supporting act as your source.

It's called the St.Paul Civic Center.

Thanks for providing the concerts that need to be changed. Would you have any idea when the venue closed? Maybe the the Civic Center did? I would like to ad a closing date to the venue information

I can find no mention of a Civic Center Theater in St. Paul on the internet or in any of the few local newspapers that I can access. Is it possible that it had a different name? And can you provide me with a link to any information about it and/or tell me any venue details?