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If you’re unsure of songs for the Otoboke beaver set you went to, feel free to check the US shows around it for general idea of other songs to jog your memory. Running order is consistent but some songs get switched out depending on the night

Please read the guidelines for tours and festival to distinguish the difference between both


No problem. Our world is digital now.
Thank you.


I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Phil Collins in San Francisco.
I read that you went to see this concert.
Did you keep your ticket?
Thank you!

Hey, I saw that you went to a System of a Down concert in 2000, that's awesome! Do you still have any stuff of them from these times? Like photos, videos, tickets/flyers, etc. If yes, reply me via e-mail please:


Thanks anyway, hope you enjoyed JBT and Death Cab anyway :)

Hi there, I noticed that you attended this John Butler Trio concert:

Do you remember any other songs they performed? It would be a huge help if you could try and build the setlist. Thanks! :)

l'm talking about the Oakland concert by the way. I also can't remember him performing "Good Life". Plus was that "Cold as Ice" cover an intro to his song "Cold"? Cause the album version doesn't have that "You're as Cold as Ice" part. Thanks again.

Thanks for the Yeezus list! Are you a 100% sure about it though? I can't remember him performing "Street Lights", "Lost in the World" and "I Wonder". For some reason I also remember him performing "drunken hot girls". I could be totallyy wrong though. I would really appreciate it if you confirmed that your list is a 100% accurate. Thank you.

hey man, thanks for the quick metric @ fox theater setlist

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