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Thanks for getting back to me about that. Either you didn't mark that you had attended the show or the system hadn't updated it when I saw it.

Writing "adding a new setlist" is not a source. Do you have a source for the 10,000 Maniacs show you added? They played there the following day.

I don't find the scan of the ticket of Phil Collins in Detroit.
Could you make me one?
Thank you!

I'm coming back to you, this time to ask you if you kept your Phil Collins ticket in Detroit.
I am still looking for a scan.
Thank you.

Sorry - I didn't see this message until right now. I will double check, but I'm pretty sure that I had to send my ticket back in/return it to get a refund for the show (I was at the one that was cancelled after one song).


I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Phil Collins in Clarkston 1985.
I read that you went to see this concert.
Did you keep your ticket?
Thank you

Sorry! Unfortunately I didn't keep track of the setlist Tuesday night. Hopefully it will eventually get posted to her Facebook page (it seems like most of the other cities are on there). It sure was a great show!

hey- did you get the set list for Tues? I had Monday but did not write down Tues

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