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Hi! Justin Hayward is supported by three musicians on this tour, including the very talented Michael Dawes. It’s still a largely “acoustic” performance.

Are you sure you saw LA based band Buckcherry on this date? There was another band called Buck Cherry from Florida at the time...

Hello there! Did you film at all at the 1988 Michael Jackson concert? If not, that's understandable.

Hello! I saw that you happened to go to Mariah Careys MTV Music Awards in 1991. I was wondering if you recorded any audio or got any pictures from that date? If so, please get to me ASAP. Thanks!

Are you sure Lisa Loeb and Paula Cole played in New Mexico at Lilith Fair 1998? They toured at this stage of the tour in 1997. NM Newspapers make no mention of either of them at this concert.

Do you have any idea who the first opener was for the Bush/Veruca Salt show in Albuquerque in 1997?

Just found the Blackfoot date, old newspaper online june 7, 1980, checking on ted nugent, Krokus opened for them, 1981.

I have the stub for Blackfoot. Not sure about Ted Nugent...but I was at the show. Will try and locate the Blackfoot date.

I see you added some shows from the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center in Salisbury, MD, mainly Blackfoot. Do you have a stub or a date for them when they came the first time in 1980? This was my first concert and can't find the date anywhere. I'm also looking for the date for Ted Nugent 1981 at the same venue.

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